A post about seats - and posts

Might as well start here.

Here's a pic of eclats new pivotal post and seat - still just a prototype, but looking pretty nice. Apart from the fact that it's clear, it kind of looks like all the other pivotals, but apparently it's made of nylon and has a bit of extra ribbing in the nose to make it a bit stiffer. They were probably trying to avoid that droopy look that the original macneil pivotals (and all the other rebrandings of that design) get after a while - when the nose gets bent down. You still see it alot and it looks pretty bad if you ask me, but...

I reckon plastic seats are the way to go. Why bother with padding, it just gets ripped and shitty. It's also a couple of less steps in production so it should be cheaper (?)

Odyssey have finally put out some pivotals as well. They're calling it the Senior 2 and there's a padded and a non padded version. Don't know if it's the same size and shape as the Senior or what, but it seems longer. Maybe it's just the photos but you got to say the odyssey looks bad:
Yep rails are out and it's all plastic and pivotal.

Thought I'd better chuck in some fit for the popularity stakes:

Here's all the specs for the seats above:

Eclat Pivotal (Proto): Weight: 180g / 6.3 oz. (without cover), 250g / 8.8 oz. (with cover)

Odyssey Senior 2 Pivotal:
Weight: 177g / 6.2 oz (without cover), 272g / 9.6oz (with cover)

Fit Low Bolt Pivotal: Weight: 253g / 8.9 oz


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