Taste the Virtual Blood

You gotta say that Jimmy from Eject / Simple is stepping up his rendering game. That PC stem looked so real you could almost taste the blood and feel the holes where your teeth were as it snapped and you face-butted the concrete.

And this one... the little bit of machining on the body... the touch of rust on the bolts. You just want to save it and upload it straight to your steerer tube.

Anyway... damn fine looking stem is what I mean. You can read the interview with I did with Jimmy here and here, or you can head over to Simple for a couple more flix of the Eject v4 stem.

god natt.

Plastic Death Stem


New Simple Eject v4 PC stem

"After doing massive material research we came across this High Strength Plastic, with an incredibly high molecular mass. This allows us to make a very light, yet very strong stem without compromising on the durability. We have taken this stem through a lot of testing and abuse to see how it would hold up, and so far it's proved to last very well."

Dropping In

Are cats still cool?
Anyway, here's mine dropping in on the backyard ramp:

Bhusta gets rad


No Comment(s)

That last post felt good. Cleansing. And it got me thinking.

Back when this blog actually existed as a blog - like, with updates and stuff - there was one thing that always shitted me. And that was visiting the Colony site. Being in Australia, I suppose I always felt some vague loyalty to Colony and though I didn't particularly rate them, I bit my tongue and hid behind my 75% positive content policy.

But I was there again today, and enough is enough:

1) Their logo is so fucking rubbish that I almost can't bear it. There is just so many bad things about it. There is the obvious things, like that it rips off the Gucci logo, does a shit job of it, and looks like it's been created by an 11 year old learning to use Illustrator. But there is also a subtle indescribable shitness to it, something that just makes you feel bad:

Out of the darkness a mysterious, bad looking logo appeared

2) Every post on the site says "Yo yo!!" at the end of it. That also makes you feel bad.

3) The comments section of each page, makes me angry:

No Comments: OK, fair enough.
No comments yet: Of course there is not comments yet, cause there's no fucking comments.
RSS feed for the comments on this post. TrackBack URL: Would you like a feed of the comments that aren't allowed on this page? Maybe you'd like to leave a trackback that won't get left in the comments that don't exist?
Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time: No fucking shit.

If I could just make one comment, I would suggest that someone spends the 60 seconds that it would probable take to remove all this bullshit.

Sorry kids, that was just so negative, but felt so right. Some stuff just can't stay bottled up.
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