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That last post felt good. Cleansing. And it got me thinking.

Back when this blog actually existed as a blog - like, with updates and stuff - there was one thing that always shitted me. And that was visiting the Colony site. Being in Australia, I suppose I always felt some vague loyalty to Colony and though I didn't particularly rate them, I bit my tongue and hid behind my 75% positive content policy.

But I was there again today, and enough is enough:

1) Their logo is so fucking rubbish that I almost can't bear it. There is just so many bad things about it. There is the obvious things, like that it rips off the Gucci logo, does a shit job of it, and looks like it's been created by an 11 year old learning to use Illustrator. But there is also a subtle indescribable shitness to it, something that just makes you feel bad:

Out of the darkness a mysterious, bad looking logo appeared

2) Every post on the site says "Yo yo!!" at the end of it. That also makes you feel bad.

3) The comments section of each page, makes me angry:

No Comments: OK, fair enough.
No comments yet: Of course there is not comments yet, cause there's no fucking comments.
RSS feed for the comments on this post. TrackBack URL: Would you like a feed of the comments that aren't allowed on this page? Maybe you'd like to leave a trackback that won't get left in the comments that don't exist?
Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time: No fucking shit.

If I could just make one comment, I would suggest that someone spends the 60 seconds that it would probable take to remove all this bullshit.

Sorry kids, that was just so negative, but felt so right. Some stuff just can't stay bottled up.


nondescriptman said...

the main reason I have never bought colony parts is because the graphics are hideous!

Ormie said...

i totally agree that the CbackwardsC logo is crap and i hope that it wasn't cooper brownlee's design because i saw that he did some work for them recently. the original colony in oldschool font was amazing when first released and now everything they do seems childish. perhaps it's for all the children that ride these little kids bikes i suppose.
keep the blog going! i love it to pieces.

Mexican John said...

Its right up there with that fucking Cvlt logo, fucking shite!

bashguardsforlife said...

The CbackwardsC logo looks a bit like a toilet flipped on it's side.

Jeff said...

I like how you're thinkin'

Funni Pharm said...

I got the colony levers...the CNC machining on the back cut my knuckles every time i rode with them...the lack of a barrel adjuster was really annoying...they say it's so you don't strip them out, but ive never had that happen.  F them for ripping people off.

天天夜餮 said...

分享的朋友,在精不在多,分享的幸福就在下一秒 ..................................................

Ty said...

Keep this blog alive!

Eric said...

Really is a horrible logo. Glad you recognized it. Never underestimate the power of good branding.

Anonymous said...

i swear clint millar is a 12 year old. seriously colony "CLONE" hubs? not out of the same catalogue as proper hubs or anything, are they?

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