Dropping In

Are cats still cool?
Anyway, here's mine dropping in on the backyard ramp:

Bhusta gets rad



Eric said...

Hah! you have an awesome ramp.

Jeff said...

i have an awesome cat

Simon said...

bet ya get loads more traffic from people hunting for cute cats.
Ramp looks awesome man, what material is that, are those lines pencilled on as markers for screws or is it some sorta tiled ramp?Send me some more pics when ya have time man, oh and really dig the blog, have sent it to a few mates back home.

Jmy said...

Nice setup you've got there!

Constantin Gabor said...

You caould do a lol cat picture with this.
Is this your own personal ramp?
That's so awesome!

www.i-seek4.com said...

yeah.. i like the ramp (and the cat too).


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