Angry Space Invaders

100 posts in 6+ months. Blog slackness.

Anyway, no slacking at Odyssey. They've got a new site up. I still can't find anything, but at least I'm getting lost more quickly - if you get what I mean. Death to Flash I say... or whatever god forsaken program created that old site.

So they've also put up some more info on their Quadrant rim and have been good enough to including a good old fashioned section pic:

The Quadrant: 420g of cheapness and cheer

As you can see the Quadrant rim is an innocent and optimistic character just doing his best to keep everyone happy. At 420 grams he's light and being a simple pin jointed fellow, he doesn't have the ego that some of those welded rims have. I mean, just have a look at 'em, giving everyone attitude like a couple of angry space invaders:

The Hazard Lite: 500g, hazardous, light, with a chip on his shoulder

The 7-KA: 453g... 7 and K with an A

If you'd like to read something about these rims that makes sense, you're probably best off going here.


steve said...

i can't see why a budget specific aftermarket rim would come out before a hazardliter or 7L rim....., is this to compete with alienation on most haros/premiums/most bikes?

huh? said...

7KA stands for 7000 series aluminum.

Guest said...

7KA = 2nd version of 7K

Anonymous said...

The success of Alienation is proof that one should never underestimate the stupidity of young bmx riders! Kids are broke and will buy (more like buy into) anything that will make their bike lighter. especially if it's cheap.

Clever business move by odyssey.

Jeff said...

I'm with you on the lighter + cheaper = $. But you've got to give it to them in that they've improved on a standard pin jointed design by using four pins. I'd give it a go on the front - see how it holds up. If it didn't cut it I'd just put back on the same hazard lite that's been there for 4 years already and is going strong.

brien said...

alienation's success also stems from the fact that you can find their rims on the majority of complete bikes these days. even as goofy as they are, having a "name brand" rim looks a lot better than a jalco or something similar.

Rider said...

The second one is just awesome. My friend from Brisbane has the same one. Looks really neat in real life.

Rider said...

The second one is awesome. My frined has a similar one. Btw, this thing looks really neat in real life.

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