The Odyssey

Odyssey have written a novel.

Odyssey actually haven't written a novel, but they have put together an encyclopedic product catalogue with a word count unprecedented by any bmx publication to date. I wonder who they think is going to read all those words? The BMX acedemia? I have a fairly high tolerance for that kind of stuff, but I've got to say, lost heart pretty quickly. That said, it's probably not so suited to an online experience. In hardcopy it'd be sure to be a thing of beauty - there's lots of nice photos and artwork, little tech diagrams and cut-away sections... and words, lots of words.

As said, amongst the words there are some photos of their new stuff:

This is their Chainwheel sprocket. I saw this from the InterBike coverage of their stand, but didn't really know what to say about it. It just kind of looked unfinished and I didn't really understand why they wanted to add a bad looking sprocket that kind of has a milled-in-your-grandads-back-shed feel to it, to their range of really dope sprockets. But the answer to all question are to be found within the pages of the Odyssey encyclopedia. If you make it through the 500 word intro, you'll find that it's actually supposed to look bad. At least it's supposed to look like a chainwheel / spider set up of yesteryear. Fair enough.

Anyway let's offset these negative vibes with some afore mentioned "dope" sprocket imagery:

Awwwww - that's more like it! They've updated the Vermont sprocket and are calling it the Burlington. And that's a 25 tooth, in gold and looking rad. Apparently they've changed the tooth profile on this and the Chainwheel sprockets to something they're calling an Incisor tooth profile. And that's pretty much how it looks.

Pedals. While we're talking pedals it should be noted that you actually would need an encyclopedia to keep up with the number of colourways that you can get Odyssey's PC pedals in. This may, or may not be the newest edition added to that list:

That's also gold in case you didn't catch it. I have no idea how many colour variation these pedals have seen in the couple of years since they've become the pedal of choice for just about everyone, but my guess would be 23. Just sounds about right. I'd also guess that somewhere out there is a Ody PC freaker who has a cupboard full of bagged up mint editions of every colour ever released. Definitely. In fact, if you are that guy, could you please fill me in on the official total?

I suppose you can't count these as straight PCs, but you can definitely count me in for a pair. And of course they're set to open up a whole new world of pedal mixin'n'matchin:

JC PC's. That's a lot of little piec-es.

But Jim, while I've got you here: What's with the crappy 3rd wave tube photos in this flip book? You've managed to focus on just about everything but the fucking tubes!

Anyway, I don't want to get on Jim's bad side, so I'll leave that. But you think there would be a few 3rd wave frames lying around the Sunday offices and it might be worth actually snapping a decent photo - I mean Adam managed alright.

Anyway, in amongst the shoes, tyres, promotional displays and whatnot in focus was what looked like... wait for it... a new PC pedal colourway. Camo, it seems. That is new isn't it? So at least some good came from it.

I think that's more than enough.


Mexican John said...

I kinda like that sprocket, proper old school vibe!

Anonymous said...

way too many words for your average <span style="">illiterate bmx rider</span>

Jeff said...

Yep. And it'll probably end up outselling the PCs and serve as official proof that my opinion is worthless. ha ha.

brien said...

how can they include the fact that one of their riders runs a ratio with gearing they don't produce? they better include a 30t at some point.

Jeff said...

That does seem odd, but don't they do 30s?

brien said...

they did, but according to that catalog, that new sprocket will only be 25, 27 and 28t. i heard tree stopped doing bigger rings as well.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't figure out how to email you bmx-tech, so here:

Jeff said...

Yep, im also anonymous.

You request has been recieved and will be attended to at the next appropriate opportunity.
Thank you for your enquiry.

leetus said...

carbon WRAP, for fuck's sake? What the fucking fuck?

As if it wasn't ridiculous enough on MTB's and road bikes.

BMX is getting more ridiculous every minute. First gumshields and now this...

I have a full carbon seatpost on my MTB (it was free) and it's actually heavier than the aluminium seatpost it replaced...

leetus said...

actually I don't mind ridiculous parts, as long as companies don't stop making good strong parts for sensible riders.

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