Can't See the Hammer for the Trees

OK, enough hammer, back on the horse:

Tree Bike Co are the legendary little guys of bmx. They only make new shit when it's better than the old shit, they don't advertise much so just rely on the quality of their stuff to sell itself, they don't do gimmicks, and they should be the heros of anyone that rides bmx and has ever laid hands on any lathe or some kind of rudimentary milling set up.

Their most recent bit of machinemanship is to be a stem they've done with the help of Super Rat Machine Works. At the risk of waving a red flag to the nothing-is-new-that-was-done-in-84 crowd, I'm saying that this stem features a new clamping system.

I can't tell you exactly how it works, but I can try to tell you exactly how I think it works. Will that do? I'd say the collar that goes around your fork steerer is slightly larger than the cavity that it sits in, so as the top and bottom pieces of the stem are tightened, the collar finds space by contracting in on itself and clamps your steerer in the process. Of course your bars are also clamped by the two bits of the stem body.

That was a shit description, but it's all I've got. Hopefully you get what I'm talking about, and hopefully what I'm talking about is what actually happens. Do you ever feel like you're wasting your time reading this? You could always go back and watch that MC Hammer clip in my last post.

Anyway, here's some pictures of the Stem With No Name and some captions from Sam Tree himself:

One stem. Three pieces. Four bolts. High Five!

He had some other captions for here, but the first one was better

I once had a hand in designing a stem.
It was shit.

Well... I didn't actually design one, I just made an almost entirely unresolved sketch. And although it may well have turned out to be shit if it was ever made, the shittiness that I'm refering to is that it attempts to solve a problem that I don't really even think really is a problem. You see, I had a friend who had an idea to design a stem that slotted onto your steerer so that your bars were all nice and straight. Of course people have been putting handlebars onto bikes for years and you don't often hear someone complaining that they just can't get their bars straight, but working on the principal that my hunches are very often wrong and just being generally keen to draw some bike stuff, I had a go and came up with this:

It's based around Superstar's Neutral fork which has an internally fluted steerer tube, but is probably too complicate to bother even trying to manufacture, especially when you consider that even 0.1mm slop in any of the fits would probably be amplified to a really noticeable amount of movement in the bars. My friend didn't like it and so together we came up with this:

That one might have been a little more realistic, and could have been done by machining a really slight groove down the sides of the steerer rather than the fluting that I sketched. But really you're probably just complicating things without really adding much other than the possibility that due to some slight error in jig set up or whatever, you'd end up making bars that locked on crooked to the steerer. That said one of the advantages of this idea is that the stem could come with two sets of wedges - with or without tabs - so it would also work without the slotted fork.

Anyway, whay am I posting all this? Well, apart from trying to make things a little more interesting, I'd been thinking that the Shola stem which was around at InterBike might be trying for something similar with what looks like little grub screws on the clamping collar:

And while we're talking stems, I may as well try to make up for some recent slackness by posting up the current incarnation of T1's Cyclops stem that was also around at InterBike. But that's it, I'm all outta stem news:


stoked said...

the shola stem is drilled for gyro tabs.  no grub screws.

tree said...

you are correct in your assumtion.   the 2 bolts on the front of the stem help clamp the bars down.  the 2 bolts in the rear help clamp the stem to the steerer tube.   this is the first proto sample we have received and so far we are super stoked on this bad boy. 

leetus said...

sort your links out will you? put a http:// before the www!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, OK. That sounds more reasonable.

Anonymous said...

The price that you pay for copying and pasting straight from google's search results. amateur at best. anyways, all sorted.

traskVT said...

just nice to see something different for a change.

Jeff said...

Yeah, I'm pretty stoked on it too - and I've only seen a couple of photos.
How's the clamp force on the steerer? Just wondering if you need to really crank the bolts like you do with some of the wedge stems?

Jeff said...

I'm struggling. That last post was me if you didn't get that.

Steven said...

the stem woks like a collet.
just like a router the compression is extreme

Mexican John said...

Looks really good, loving the new Tree hubs as well they are awesome!

Ty said...

S&M's new wider stronger(?) chain

Heat-treating frames

Profile's new hub guard with so many holes it looks like its begging to hang up on a ledge.

Eastern's new Nitrous line

Fly's cobra tube finally availible

ben said...

yet another dead bmx blog, shit

David Ines said...

Hey man... I come here every day expecting some new posts and 2 month now with nothing new. did you quit this blog?
common your blog is cool.

mark said...

definately a shame if it is finished.

Anonymous said...

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lul said...

You tried too hard to be like/replace/better sprfls, looks like you got it perfect, dead blog

jeff said...

cheers lul,
it is a good point that you make and I hope you follow your own advice and never try too hard with what ever holy cause it is that you spend your time.
dead blog. said...

nice info pal..
how do you get that??

Deepika Nair said...

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