Bye bye Bruce

Bruce Crisman, the fakie extrodinaire silver medal holder (Schwartz), is leaving Federal and making his way over to KHE. Not only to ride on their team, but to continue designing parts for them as well.

He's already put in work on two of their Freecoasters - the Reverse and the Astern - and now he's going to get himself a signature frame called the "Shola". Wonder if there'll be some whacky backwards specific geometry going on? You just never know with KHE, they defintely aren't shy when it comes to trying something new - bar/stem combo anyone?

The frame is named after Bruce's own brand - Shola, that has a new website up (with some nice vids too), but it's also set to release a few parts - Grips, Forks, Stem, Bars, and Seats apparently.

Then all the stuff above will be mixed together in various configurations to make up three KHE completes - Beginner, Intermediate and Pro.

Here you can reminisce and say goodbye to the old Federal Bruce God bless 'im:


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