The New Simple

A while back I posted up some stuff about Simple Bike Co. I put my appreciation on the record for their minimalist approach to the design of bmx parts. Well now they've got a new site up and they've used that same approach in the design of the site, keeping it... basic.

To go with the new site there's a few new products and new colours for the older stuff.

There are no less than two new rim designs with a bit of an old school feel to them and a bit of pun trickery going on with the names:

Apparently the Keypit is the more tech of the two - which I assume means lighter, while the Plainan takes some inspiration from the old Peregrine HP48 but, like the Keypit, is drilled offset for cross lacing. They both are available in 36 hole only and come in the same colours as the seatclamps below.

In those same colours they've now got cassettes, wheelsets, a few stems and pivotal seat posts... loads of stuff.


Guest said...

One of the things you said you liked about Simple was their limited (simple) choice of colors but that latest flip book has every part in every color of the raibow

jeff said...

Yeah, their colour selection definitely isn't as "simple" as it was before all the new stuff came out. But I'm pretty sure you'll find they only colours available are the ones in the seat clamp photo above.

Guest said...

"only" SEVEN then?

jeff said...

yep seven. four more than three, three less than ten and 43 less than odyssey. approximately.

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