Solidified Helium and Carbon Fibre

I'd bet that in the offices of KHE, somewhere in Germany, in a room of it's own there is a shrine. Purpose built from carbon fibre and solidified helium, adorned with flowers and levitating in a cloud of Bratwurst incense, it houses a set of German made digital scales accurate to 0.001 of a microgram.

KHE are totally and utterly obsessed by weight.

Anyway... I'm not going to throw too many stones (I too have been known to use the "sort by weight" feature on Dan's Comp), I'm just saying those guys really push the limit of light weight bmx parts. And they get a lot of shit for doing so. But when you think about it, someone has to push that limit - even go over that limit. How else do you find what that limit is?

So long as that limit is pushed and broken in the testing and prototyping of parts, no one has anything to complain about. And that what, according to KHE, this bike represents - "We wanted to see how far we could push the limits."

Mind you this bike is for sale. A bargain at just 1.995,- Euro (US$2,670 or A$3,580)
But before you part with your cash, I've got just a few words for you:

Flexie, Un-nerving,Fragile and Showpiece...

... After all, when KHE say "The result is almost too precious to be ridden" are they hinting that you might be better off having it on your wall rather than having it underneath you? At least the frame - the parts themselves would be worth a bomb.


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