An Odyssey Rim Prototype, Mike Ardelean and Light Street

Mike Ardelean bike check on Odyssey:

Nice bike, nice photos, nice couch.

I don't usually give a lot of time to the full spec, but this got my attention:

"REAR RIM: Odyssey Quadrant prototype"

So that's a new rim from Odyssey on the way. You'd have to say they've already got a fair stable, especially if you include GSport in the mix, so why another? And why's it called Quadrant? Don't even bother squinting at the bike check you wont get nothin'.

I know they've got more than that but I'm going with the quadrant theme

You'd have to be betting on the "quadrant" being a lighter design - all their current rims are 17 oz's plus and they must be losing a bit of business while all the weight watchers are out there shopping up Primo Balances and Rhynolites (15.4 oz each) to save some grams.

Anyway, making a heavy rim in the dawning days of light street - you might as well give your money away.

Speaking of light street, Ardelean's wheels are built up with those butted Odyssey race spokes, and he's a street only. So for now, to stop the outrage and confusion - Mike Ardelean = Light Street.


Clod said...

love your blog man... keep the posts coming!

nameless said...

Finally I know what "Light Street" means! Ha ha

Jim said...

I prefer "Street Light", It kinda makes reference to Mike's Build being similar to a streetlight.

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