This is getting Complexicated

Seat / post combos are the new low top tube.

These CAD drawings of the next version of Eclat's Complex seat/post combo have been floating around.

They're planning to add an internal aluminium sleeve to the post section of the molding.
For you technically ingtrigued people: it looks like they'll mold an extruded aluminium section with some ribbing on it into the PVC molding. To do this the extrusion is first placed in the injection tooling and the plastic gets squirted around it. So it's locked in there and, according to Eclat, you have a "one piece seat and post" - one piece with another piece molded into it.

I guess they were having the same problems as Fly were having with the plastic post getting crushed when the seat post clamp was tightened and they've come up with a similar solution.

In fact all these seat and post combos are starting to look pretty similar - mind you the Eclat one does have a 3 degree or so difference in angle when compared to the KHE Exhibit seat below. And it looks a little more like a mushroom...


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