A Woman Walks Into a Bar...

2010 bikes have well and truly started to appear.

Subrosa are having an honest tilt at the "more is more" crown, with a humble tally of 17 bikes. But it's not won yet - Mongoose are yet to run.

Colony Descendant bike is having a fair crack at taking the "how low can you go" title from Blackeye's Killorado complete . It's a race to the bottom. But wait, this guy is already polishing his trophy, if you know what I mean, with his custom Solid from last year.

On that note, a joke:
A woman walks into a bar and asks the barman for a double entendre.
So he gives her one.

Anyway... I can't tell you much more than that other than the Kinks 2010's are out and they've kept it to a round number. That GT are doing a brakeless street complete that I can't find a picture of, and Verde are doing two completes that both look nice.

Over and out.

You be the judge...


Claude said...

is it already 2010? when are th 2011's coming out?

IMO a BMX should look like a BMX! when your bike looks more like a scooter or a trial bike than a BMX, it's just not a BMX anymore.

<p style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">those bikes are just hideous! I can't believe Clint Millar is selling out to the kids buying in to this crap!

jeff said...

I suppose the next years bikes will just keep coming out earlier and earlier until they come out in Jan and we can just skip a year.

I'm hearing you about the bikes, but bikes from 15 years ago look pretty goofy too. The only thing you can be sure of is that in 15 years from now they'll look different again.

Guest said...

tbh m8s tht is a phitt bike and i think its pretty amazin.

Guest said...

i like the bike they should change the colour tho it horrible i think black and red part from just black fork handle bars and frame ever thing else red!!!

jeff said...

Black, white, grey or raw gets my vote.

trevor said...

i thionke they look nic in puple and black or yellow and black

Anonymous said...

i have descendant  its an amazing bike that rides perfectly theres nothing wrong with a lower stand over bike personally i think the hell stallion which are now called the phantom which these descendant completes are built around, this is the way bmx is heading we will all want one in a year or two because we would have relised there better. im abit infront all ready owning one. and yes i cop shit for having a 'cheat whipping' bikebut i no everyone will have one soon

descedant own said...

there fucking pwnage

Anonymous said...

Is the descendant good for dirt jumping?

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