Chris Kink

While I'm talking about Kink, I might as well post this thing:

It looks like a normal headset, but it's actually a super headset. What's so super about it? It's got ceramic ball bearings and titanium coated races which may, or may not, make it smoother and more durable than your current headset. Super!

But, if you are thinking of buying this headset you should first ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Is this the most pointless and expensive upgrade I can think of?
2. Should they have called this the Chris Kink headset in homage to the original overpriced headset?
3. Is it worth paying $1.67 / gram for each of the 59.5 grams that this thing weighs, or should I just buy 10 sets of these.

Food for thought.


Eric said...

Hah, I agree with you on everything except for your opinion on Chris King headsets. They are not overpriced and they are awesome!

jeff said...

Yeah, plenty swear by them. But can you really notice the difference?

Eric said...

Well, it will practically last you a lifetime and it uses medical grade bearings so it's super smooth. Not to mention they just look spiffy.

jeff said...

Yeah they look pretty nice.
Have you seen those Chris King BBs?

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