Rusty Nuts

Are these the most valuable pieces of metal in bmx?

A while back I made an unremarkable post about Tree sprockets costing almost a $1 a gram. I thought that was impressive, but since that day I have worked tirelessly to uncover a part that breaks that $1/gram benchmark.

And finally, here it is. And it's going to be tough to beat:

For your 10 bucks you'll get 5.7 grams of titanium - that's about $1.75/gram.
Of course you also get the unmeasurable satisfaction of knowing that your bike is around 2.5 grams lighter than it was previously.

Sarcasm aside, it'll mean no more rusty nuts and just that slightly cleaner brake set up. And there's a few colours to get fancy with.

So here you go, BlueSix titanium nuts:


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