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Seems like sub-4 is the new sub-5, which was the new sub-6 on and so forth.

Here's the five lightest frames that I could dig up - all 4 lbs or under of course. I was going to keep it strictly freestyle and strictly production frames, but the KHE Ti is too whacky to leave out.
This thing is ridiculous, I'd say if you made a frame out of plastic it'll probably weigh about 2.2 lbs. KHE say it's a legitimate frame, but it must flex like crazy when you ride it. I used to have a pair of those titanium Eastern bars. They were light, no doubt, but they flexed like mad and snapped pretty quickly. Wonder why Eastern don't make them anymore. Or the Ti Reaper.
If you want it there is a little bit more info on KHEs little experiment

They turned up out of nowhere with super light frames. There was plenty of talk about them and it was all a bit suspicious if you ask me - an unproven company with the lightest frames around? Anyway now the talk is all about these frames snapping when someone so much as looks at one. If you're thinking of buying one of these frames, you might want to read this first.

These things should be a bit more reliable. Premium is made by Haro after all. This is from SPRFLS about the Lowpez Lt: the tubes are double butted and drawn in a special way. then heat treated for 3.5 times longer than normal frames. haro guy said it would shatter before it bent... so you have that to look forward to!”
I think that KHE is totaly and madly obsessed by making extremely light bmx parts and this frame is one of them. Check more on it here.

It feels like this ugly piece of work has been around forever, yet it's still up there matching with all the other feather weights. You've at least got to give Eastern credit for being ahead of their time.


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