Want to design bikes for Fit?

This message was posted on the Ride UK site. It seems that Fit are looking for a new product designer. Pretty strange place to post a Position Vacant notice for a product designer if you ask me. Apart from posting the ad on The Come Up, this would have to be the best way of generating a flood of emails from unqualified kids all over the world, which would then take days to sift through, just in case there happened to be one from an actual designer or engineer in there.

And why post it in the UK?

I have my own theory on this:
I reckon that they are trying to pinch Chris Harrison from Federal bikes. He had an interview up on bmx union a while back and seems pretty switched on. Even more suspicious is that in the ad it says "Just in case you are currently working for another company". Hmmm... corporate espionage is afoot.

There is a massive thread on SRPFLS where just about everybody puts in their two cents about the job, the industry and just about everything else. So I thought there was no harm in adding mine.

All that aside, it doesn't really seem that there would be loads of design work to do at Fit. They're damn popular, but isn't that cause they've got a shit hot team of street shredders that blaze up on camera, rather than for pushing bmx design in bold new directions?

They're more of a marketing success you'd have to say, making great videos and having a nose for a trend. Case in point: taking a stock standard seat post and cutting to 78mm long. That doesn't take an engineer or designer. But maybe that'll change.


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