Profile like it light.

Profile have updated their classic Race Crankset.

They won't be doing solid spindles anymore. Instead, they'll come standard with a nice big gun barrel hole drilled right down the middle. Hence the name GDH (Gun Drilled Hollow) Race Cranksets.

It's about time too, those solid spindles were straight outta the 90's. And who ever heard of a broken chromo spindle? The solid ones didn't break and these wont either. Profile are so confident that cranksets will still come with a lifetime warranty.

I'm guessing they'll still be doing their titanium spindles, but these will only be 2 oz heavier so who's going to pay the extra $80?


Guest said...

not me, I got the ghd's and they are awesome!! only 2 oz heavier than the ti counterpart. theyre amazing :D

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