Rad Wrench

This wrench is like... so... totally random. Hey, hold on a minute - it's actually really specific. Bmx specific to be precise. In fact it's so specific that it has just about every bit that you'll need to work on your bike while out pedaling. And it hasn't just been thrown together. The V2 of DK's Random Wrench has had a lot of thought and effort put into the design. You don't believe me? Read this.

The original version was a good idea, simply executed that became a bit of a classic. But the V2 makes the original look like a stone age pick axe by comparison. It features a slimmed down machined main body with some nice graphics so you won't need to faff around trying to work out how all the bits fit back inside and it even has it's own logo. Only special wrenches get their own logo.

Here's what you get for your US$32.99: a 15mm pedal wrench, 5 and 6mm allen sockets, 15 and 17mm sockets, a socket extension, and a spoke key.

So don't just sit around, get out there and grab yourself a Randy Wench.

The progression from stone age axe to the mordern form of the DK Random Wrench is clear and undeniable.


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