Every month I get a couple of visitors to this site that find it after googling the words "bmx sluts". There's some optomistic kids out there - at least you really hope they're kids.

But seriously, BMXtec actually comes up in the no.2 spot for a Google search on the words "bmx sluts". Sorry, just a little harmless keyword repitition there. You've got to put in... bmx sluts... work if you want to... bmx sluts... pull that elusive no. 1 spot.

Actually the no.1 spot is going to be a pretty tall order - they really look quite slutty.


tierrarida said...

haha i tested this not only are u number 2 ur number 3 aswell haha

Jmy said...

That's seriously pretty funny.
I'm killing two birds with one stone as I have now linked to this post and will in the process effectively try the concept myself.

jeff said...

Yeah! Build an empire - take out the first top ten.

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