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Coalition are back!

Hey that's great news. Although I've got to admit, I never knew they were gone. But apparently they were almost out of business for some shadowy reason that is not revealed here.

Anyway, I'm still excited to have them back. They've even brought some new/updated parts and colours back with them. Like this new fangled pivotal technology:

I don't really go in for the graphics option when it comes to part finishes - It's so hit or miss and it means you've got to like the artwork to like the seat. But it's at least a point of difference, and on another stock standard pivotal seat that's sorely needed.

Next up, their hard anodised aluminium pegs. The full details of the finish are given as "uses mil-a-8625 type 3 hard coating per military specs". That sounds like some hard shit. But you've got to wonder, military specification for what? It could be butter knives. I'm sure the peg is hard and all, but the military thing is just not really saying much - a bit of harmless hype I suppose. Good for the gun nuts.

I like the idea of aluminium pegs, in that you can save a bit of weight over steel, but with much better durability than plastic. And this peg is actually just a little different to the other aluminium pegs on the market in that it has about 2 oz extra material. Sounds like that'd increase the lifespan, but these are machined from 6061 rather than the harder 7075-T6. So they're a softer alloy, but with a thicker wall section, hard anodised rather than 7075, but a few dollars cheaper than other ali pegs - the verdict's all yours.

There's also a V2 of their Povah Stem, which looks tight with some extra internal machining and a new knee-saving rounded rear body. All those revisions have shaved off a couple of ounces and it's down to 9.5 oz. While they had the cnc running they've also had a go at their 7075 sprockets - added some cutouts, subtracted some grams.

If you're into handlebars with holes in them (maybe you prefer slots?), then you've come to the right place. Coalition are the purveyors of the original and the finest holy handlebar - the Holy Cross bars. What's strange is that they come with a sticker that wraps completely around said holes so you can hide your shameful light weight tendencies. Just think of it as a 0.1mm layer of polypropylene that protects your manliness.

So there you go Coalition are back and if you're feeling them, please don't be shy. There's no better way to give a warm welcome back than by reaching into your pocket and showing them a bit of light weight love - military style.


Eric said...

Nice post. Those blue anodized parts look so good.

jeff said...

Yeah and the bars must be a blue metalic finish or something.

nick said...

i wonder if the come in white...

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