Transit Interface

Came across a nice site a while back called Transit Interface that's worth checking out.
It's run by a guy named Eric out of Illinois. He's a designer and rides bmx and fixies. So as you can imagine there's a whole bunch of bike madness mixed up with a load of design stuff - some nice industrial design, fonts, photos etc. Plenty of good stuff.

Stuff like this:

I would like to add that myself or Eric to not condone the above behaviour.

On that fixie note though: Superstar's umbrella company, BMX Groupement, recently release a couple of fixed gears under the brand name Focale 44. And they are damn slick looking. I can't find the specs anywhere, but from memory they're representing their bmx roots with their choice of pedals - no toe clips just good 'ol Odyssey PCs.



Eric said...

Those Focale44 are pretty nice looking. Very simple and minimalist, which is something I like. The saddles however look incredibly uncomfortable!

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