Flippin' Heck

It's pre-InterBike flip book mania.

Fit have one up with their full 2010 range, including 20 complete bikes with not a brakeless model amongst them. Neither is there an embed code but you can check it here.

The next is another big American - Eastern. They are slacking somewhat with just 19 completes (even a few of them are the dreaded mtb's), but they are right up there matching Fit in the unembeddable flip book challenge. You can check theirs here somewhere.

There is just so many bikes, grips, tyres, pedals, shirts and everything else that it just makes your face hurt looking at it all, let alone reading everything. But even at a skim it's interesting looking at just how different the two brands are. Fit's all quality photos and minimal layout while Eastern just piles as much shit as they can in there with photos that look like they've been taken by your mum and graphics laid out by your dad. That's harsh, but my point is that they do things completely differently, yet both sell a shitload of bmx paraphernalia.

This pretty much sums up the difference:

Absolute chaos...

...v.s Absolute clean

And when it comes to the words, I'd say Eastern has crammed about 2000 into the first few pages, including a detailed analysis of how to identify whether you're a "Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, Pro and Team" rider and a very scientific chart to decide upon your TT length. But there is also a dark side to all this information that no kid will ever read:

Since you still didn't read it, you wouldn't have seen that bit that warned of other brands hiding subpar products behind flashy advertising. Is that code for "read on to find flashy products behind subpar advertising?"

Of course for the sake of cleanliness Fit have put there message more simply with some short but thoughtful quotes:

OK, that's enough about that. I've said more or less nothing, so let's move on and pretend it never happened.

Back to flip-mania. Eclat also have a flip book for you to... flip through:

And just so you're sure that Klaus at WeThePeople is not a lazy man, you can flip the Fuse too:


strappy said...

I notice that Fit Ed & Tom sig. bikes do not have U brakes. They got old shool brakes, just take bolt off from the lever one from the brake & there you have it BRAKELESS. LOVE THIS BLOG

Jeff said...

Yeah, I suppose it's just a legal thing or something. Put the crappest brake hardware you can find on the bike just to cover your ass when some 12 year old gets done by a bus. But I think they maybe even came with brakes before, but were just photographed without? I don't know.

John said...

They are brakeless models, it's just included and shown in the photos for liability reasons.  All complete bikes have to be sold with brakes.

Even if the brakes barely work, which is what calipers are known for...

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