Holy Fit!

So to not have heard this news already you would have to be living in a non-wi-fi enabled cave or something. That is, the super-team is no more – Fit have split.

Tunney is well and truly on the ball and has already posted up a Fit obituary. Yeah OK, so it’s not really an obituary, since Fit ain’t dead and they’ve still got a legendary team, but it's pretty obvious that it's the new breed riders that keep the new breed dollars rolling in and it seems like all that is going to change. Moeller is going to have to pull a big, gold plated rabbit out of somewhere to keep Fit’s momentum going.

And then there's the rumours of a cult… at least of a new brand headed by Robbie called “Cult”. Really, if that is the name, you’ve got to give it to him for piss-take value, especially since the irony of it would be lost on the majority of kids that flock straight to it. And born-agains are usually pretty quick to renounce their bad old ways, so you gotta wonder what the hell is going to happen to all that old Fit stuff once the kids start worshipping the new Cult? Ebay glut.

Alright, so that was a bit of bullshit, but now for some semi, halfway, tenuously, somewhat related news. Lotek have a look at some new pair of samples up on their page:

Yep, looking nice, and you can also check Rich and Hoder talking the talk on some of the new Lotek stuff here.

BUT, while we're talking shoes, here's a little something from InterBike:

There is a new BMX specific brand of footwear called Almond that's about to drop. It was launched at Interbike and apparently the money behind it is from a "German brand of BMX frames" and the designers behind it are FBDesign who do work for Etnies, Es, Emerica, IPATH and Burton. So the credentials are there, looks like the colourways are there, hopefully there's some quality to match.


Eric said...

The Almond shoes seem kinda cool, I was just wondering who was behind the company... I guess it's some German guys!

Jeff said...

Hey eric. Yeah they look alright. Plenty of grey. It'l be interesting to see who's behind it - wouldn't be surprised if it's WTP, those guys are busy building an empire.

strappy said...

I like the Lotec shoes but I dont like white soles and same go for the Almond shoes. White sole just get dirty so fast. Especially in bmx.

Eric said...

Yeah, seems like WTP is planning to slowly take over BMX, and some day the world. The shoes actually look a lot like some Etnies (which shouldn't be surprising).

footwear designer said...


seeeeaaaaannnnn said...

does any1 kno any sites

Vince for Sham Wow! said...

New Almond shoes!Jump em'-Hump em'-Dump em'!Just don't eat em'-I don't know about you but rubber does'nt agree with me!

Anonymous said...

where do u buy these almond shoes from in Australia?
thanks and they sound really good

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