Volcanicus Boltious

Forged from subterraneous erruptions of bolt-manship, they are here:

They work with some hubs:
» G-Sport Marmoset
» G-Sport Monkey
» G-Sport Fat Shaft MkII
» G-Sport Fat Shaft (1995 onwards)
» Odyssey Vandero 2
» Demolition Mary-Kate front
» Shadow Raptor Front
» Colony Clone Front

But not with others:
» G-Sport Fat Shaft (1994 -1995)
» Profile Mini Front
» Madera Pilot Front
» Fly Bikes Front
» Eclat Teck front
» WTP Supreme Front

If you crave more information, you will find it here.

Actually this post is a nice little lead-in to the interview that I'm about to put up. The keywords in this guessing game are: "slick bolts" and "6mm allen key". You with me?


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