Sunday @ InterBike

A closer look at some more of the Sunday stuff with Jim C videos shot by BMX feed.

This one's got the 3rd wave tubing, new removable mounts and cable guide system:

This one takes a pretty good look at the new completes that are looking damn nice:

This is kind of a Sunday product. It's Kink's rip of Sundays hollow drop outs and who better to introduce them than Jim himself with some words taken from his Facebook:

"Here it is! Bootleg hollow dropouts by my own distributor and former sponsor Kink! Wow!"


brien said...

even though it's not full chromoly, i plan on getting one of those cruiser completes ASAP.

Guest said...

Jim C-You can eat a dick on the Kink thing. I had a Dragonfly frame about 7 years ago that had hollow dropouts. If you're gonna claim an idea to be genuine you better do your homework 1st. Cuz this one is making you look like a dumb prick

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